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NAA Membership: the Gift That Keeps on Giving


The primary goal of the Nutritional Aesthetics™ Alliance is to formally acknowledge the skin-health link, defining a field of practice that utilizes this integrative approach. An integral part of how we’re working to achieve this goal is by providing curated resources and educational offerings to our members on a regular and consistent basis through the NAA Membership Program.

NAA Membership offers amazing benefits including:

  • Regular webinars packed with a wide variety of information on carefully selected integrative skincare subjects (these are available to the public for a fee, but are always free to members)
  • Member-only special offers and vendor discounts
  • An opportunity to showcase how members use Nutritional Aesthetics™ in their unique practices on the NAA blog
  • The NAA Files–seasonal packs of digital, printable resource cards covering a wide assortment of integrative skincare topics
  • And our most favorite, to top it all off: The NAA File Box. A beautiful box stocked with a season’s worth of full color, glossy printed NAA Files with gorgeous divider cards to easily organize current and future cards into categories for easy access.

The NAA File Box is the perfect gift for any skincare enthusiast, practitioner, or practice anytime of year.

Want to see what’s inside? Watch NAA President, Rachael Pontillo, open her NAA File Box for the very first time:

The NAA File Box has so many uses, whether you have a skincare or nutrition practice, or you just want to have top quality available without having to sift through Internet search results.

Here are 8 ways to use the NAA File Box to enrich your at-home or in-practice integrative skincare routine:

  1. During Coaching Sessions with Clients. Has a client ever asked you a seemingly simple question that you knew the answer to you, but for whatever reason the words just didn’t come? The NAA File Box puts organized, easily explainable and digestible bytes of information right at your fingertips!
  2. As Client Handouts. NAA Files are written in plain, concise English and make great client handouts. NAA members have unlimited access to the digital files for current and archived cards, so they’re always ready to print or email to clients.
  3. As A Thoughtful Gift.  NAA Files come beautifully presented in a clear acrylic box that is sure to match any decor and enhance your work or home environment. If you spend more time in the kitchen than the spa, the box is just the right size to house your favorite skin-smart recipes!
  4. As A Personal Research Library. The NAA File Box can be easily personalized and expanded on (10 blank divider cards are included with your shipment, and more are available for purchase). These are perfect for the student who wants a place to deposit his or her favorite research findings.  
  5. As A Resource for Your Household. Inquiring young minds are easily influenced by advertising from cosmetic and skincare product manufacturers that don’t always have health in mind. The NAA File Box makes the perfect gift for a household that values carefully sourced materials they can trust, especially for those younger family members.
  6. As A Resource for Your Healthcare Practice.  Whether you’re a dermatologist, a chiropractor, or an acupuncturist, if you’re the type of practitioner who values patient education, the NAA File Box is a great asset to place in your waiting room, to invite your patients to learn about achieving optimal skin health.
  7. To Build Your Personal Knowledge of the Skin-Health Link. Your NAA Files will continue to grow, touching on all of the core areas of knowledge in Nutritional Aesthetics™. As your card deck expands, so does your personal understanding of the skin.
  8. To Apply the Most Up-to-Date Research to Your Work. Each NAA File card is packed with information that applies to skin health now, much of it cutting-edge and highly impactful when applied to the care of our skin.

NAA-FilesDon’t just take our word for it–see what some of our NAA members have to say:

Your organization is exactly what I need to continue building my knowledge and career!  Thank you! Thank you!  Maryanne Riege, CHHC, AADP, LA, Wisconsin, USA

Just a note to say “Thank you” for the thoughtful and practical gift you sent. I had no idea what the promised gift might be, but it is perfect. I’m looking forward to filling it up with files that I can refer to again and again. Thanks again!  Deborah Green, Skincare Formulator, Saskatchewan, CA

We have a NAA File Box with your first pack of NAA Files ready to ship to your home or practice!

All you have to do to get your NAA File Box, in addition to our growing library of NAA Membership benefits, is join us as a member.

Click HERE to join our mission as a NAA Member today!


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