As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, the CEO of S.W. Basics, a natural skincare line founded on the qualities of simplicity and purity, and author of the book Skin Cleanse that’s packed with healthy skin inspiration, Adina Grigore is well-versed in both inner and outer approaches to optimal skin health. We’re proud to name her among the integrative skincare experts on the NAA Advisory Board, and we look to her  input on how we can keep our beauty routines balanced yet fuss-free. Stay tuned for more from Adina on this topic in an upcoming feature NAA blog post. Here’s Adina’s take on why nutritional aesthetics is a concept she founded her career on— and the profound shift that she’s seen in the beauty industry in recent years.

The Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance:

What excites you the most about The Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance?

Adina Grigore:

The food industry has begun to shift towards a more holistic view of how their products fit into a healthy lifestyle. The beauty industry has followed suit. That promise is what the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance represents, and I’m excited to be part of it.

The NAA:

How has nutritional aesthetics (integrating nutrition and lifestyle changes with skincare and holistic spa treatments) impacted your work and/or product creation?

adina-grigore-advisory-boardAdina Grigore:

S.W. Basics was actually a holistic wellness organization before we ever started selling skincare. I taught free or lost-cost workshops to show people that every aspect of wellness could be DIY’ed, and that the key to feeling good is actually in your hands, not anyone else’s. Some of the workshops were solely about nutrition–how you should question what you see in the headlines, how so many nutritionists disagree with each other, how your body knows what’s right and you just have to learn to trust it. My more popular classes added an element of skincare and skin health. I taught DIY recipes while I talked about cutting back on mainstream products, and encouraged people to look at their lifestyles and diets in relation to their skin ailments. These were the workshops that really resonated with people. Great skin comes from education and awareness–so nutritional aesthetics has been part of the company story from day one.

The NAA:

Complete the sentence: “For optimal skin health, I wish people would do more of _____, and less of ____.”

Adina Grigore:

“For optimal skin health, I wish people would question their products more, and doubt themselves and their appearance less.”

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CommentAdina calls for more questioning and less self-doubt— what is your take on this approach to optimal skin health? What have you learned about your own skin health when you trusted your instincts?