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NAA Advisory Board: Alisa Vitti

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 We’re honored to bring you our NAA Advisory Board member highlight with Alisa Vitti, an integrative nutritionist and hormone expert. Alisa is is the founder of, a virtual destination for women to learn how to naturally balance their hormone and reproductive issues, and the author of WomanCode, a book on hormonal health that we find to be empowering—and essential—for all women. “The Hormone Whisperer,” the title of her popular Yahoo Health column, is a title we believe Alisa could hold herself, and we’re thrilled to share her knowledge and perspective on Nutritional Aesthetics™:

The Nutritional Aesthetics™ Alliance:

What excites you the most about the Nutritional Aesthetics™ Alliance?

Alisa Vitti:

alisa-vittiI am happy to see an organization dedicated to advancing the conversation that skin health is more than skin deep and is really connected to what we put in our bodies. I think it’s great to have an organization that also helps skincare professionals get connected to the best organic skin care. With all the new brands emerging, there truly is no better time to discover clean skin care that generates real results. Finally, I’m thrilled that the Nutritional Aesthetics™ Alliance helps women use products and practices that are not disruptive to their hormones, especially when hormonal issues and fertility challenges are on the rise. Everything we put on our skin is an opportunity to hurt or help our hormones and what we choose these days matters so much!

The Nutritional Aesthetics™ Alliance:

How has Nutritional Aesthetics™ (integrating nutrition and lifestyle changes with skincare and holistic spa treatments) impacted your work?

Alisa Vitti:

FLOliving has for years been recommending women swap their skincare for organic products to remove endocrine disrupting chemicals so they have a chance to resolve more quickly their symptoms of PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, PMS, infertility, and low libido. It’s just a non-negotiable these days. We know that when hormones are not balanced, estrogen overload can create a lot of disturbance on the skin with acne and eczema.

The Nutritional Aesthetics™ Alliance:

Complete the sentence: “For optimal skin health, I wish people would do more of ___________________, and less of ___________________.”

Alisa Vitti:

Womancode-coverI wish women would do more probiotic and prebiotic foods for acne, omega 3 and 9 for eczema/rosacea/dryness, and coconut oil and gelatin to maintain collagen elasticity, and less of topical spot treating with products that contain chemicals you cannot pronounce or identify.

Beyond that, I wish women would get to the root cause of their hormonal imbalance to permanently improve their skin. Having suffered with cystic acne all over my face, chest, and back during the height of my PCOS, and now having totally clear skin, I know for sure that the only way to clear your skin and have it stay youthful for the long term is to feed your hormones what they need when they need it. This is what I call cycle-syncing – the ultimate hormone balancing protocol I describe in my book WomanCode.


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Do you share Alisa’s views on the link between hormonal imbalance and skin issues?

How do you support hormonal health in your daily routine?

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Ihsane December 29, 2015, 9:28 pm

How can I get rid of back acne marks from my teenage years more than twenty years ago? I am considering myself a healthy person and a big fan and follower of functional medicine recommendations.
Also, is having one or two pimples with each period normal? Thank you!

Jolene Hart January 5, 2016, 11:02 am

Overall, seeking treatment from an aesthetician who works closely with a health coach or nutritionist would be ideal for these concerns. We’ll pass your question about a few pimples at period time along to Alisa——stay tuned for her piece that’s related to acne and hormones next week!

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