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5 Ways to Embrace a Healthy Skin Mindset This Summer

0 comments 5 ways to embrace a healthy skin mindset

Most people associate summer’s skincare needs primarily with sun protection. While having a healthy skin:sun exposure balance is certainly paramount, summer is also a time of year that can affect the skin in other ways, primarily stress. Whether it’s because the kids are off, or your clients are on vacation, or you’re planning a less-than-relaxing [Keep reading…]

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NAA Membership Update: New Cards Have Been Released!

0 comments NAA File Box

NAA Membership is loaded with exciting educational benefits, valuable industry savings, and regular member features like our Member on a Mission blog posts and periodic member co-hosted webinars. Our all time member-favorite benefit though, is the NAA File Box and NAA File Cards. Every new member receives a beautiful NAA File Box and their first [Keep reading…]

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The Importance of Home-Care for Optimal Skincare Results

0 comments The Importance of Home-Care for Optimal Skincare Results

Most skincare aficionados love receiving facials, love the aesthetician who performed the service, and love how good their skin looks and feels after the service. However, those warm fuzzy feelings often fade when, at the end of the service, the aesthetician tries to sell the client products. These are often the same clients who complain [Keep reading…]

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Post-Procedure Skincare: An Integrative Approach


The subject of medical aesthetic and cosmetic procedures is particularly polarizing in the skincare community–especially the holistic community. Strong opinions range from anti-procedure of any kind, to minimally invasive or reconstructive ones, all the way to the idea that people have the right to do whatever they’d like to help themselves look and feel their [Keep reading…]

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Ayurvedic Skincare: an Introduction

0 comments Ayurvedic skincare

Many tenets of holistic and integrative skincare and nutrition are based on ancient Eastern healing traditions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda (an ancient healing system from India). Both practices have been helping people live healthier, more balanced lives while preventing illness for thousands of years. By eating and living healthfully every day [Keep reading…]

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The Pros and Cons of Vitamin C in Skincare

0 comments Pros and Cons of Vitamin in Skincare

Vitamin C has always had an excellent reputation for strengthening the immune system. How many times have you been told to eat citrus fruits and drink lots of orange juice during cold season? It is one of the most commonly recommend supplements, and is found in many forms: liquids, capsules, chewable tablets, powders that turn [Keep reading…]

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How to Reconnect with Your Body for Clear Skin and Vibrant Health

0 comments How to Reconnect with Your Body for Clear Skin and Vibrant Health

We live in a world where a bottle of soda cost less than a bottle of water. Burger and fries “meals” made of bottom of the barrel animal byproducts held together by fillers and lye-washed potatoes fried in fake fats cost less than a fresh green salad. Toxicant-containing synthetic skincare products which contain toxicants that [Keep reading…]

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Switching from Coffee to Tea for Healthy Skin


The debate of whether coffee is healthy or not is one that won’t be decided anytime soon. While we won’t get into the specifics of why coffee may or may not be good for you, we will say that its purported health benefits are largely dependent on the type of coffee, how it’s prepared, and [Keep reading…]

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How Wellness Practitioners Can Reduce Air Pollution

0 comments How Wellness Practitioners Can Reduce Air Pollution

It is a known fact that air pollution, both indoor and outdoor, causes skin issues such as wrinkles and premature aging. Like secondhand smoke, particulate pollution causes many health issues as well, both short-term and long-term. According to US News & World Report, “short-term adverse effects from particulates include diminished lung function, coughing, wheezing, cardiac arrhythmias [Keep reading…]

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Is Detoxification a Must if You Want Clear Skin?

0 comments Is Detoxification a Must if You Want Clear Skin?

Detoxification is a word often heard in any wellness center, holistic healing facility, health food store, or spa.  Sometimes referred to as “internal cleansing” detoxification is the process of removing built up toxins from the body. It can be achieved in many ways: elimination diets, herbs and other supplements, liquid fasting (like bone broth or [Keep reading…]

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